The AMP Recovery Lab is a Concierge Performance Therapy service designed to identify and eliminate the underlying causes of pain and injury through a systematic evaluation of posture, movement, and stress.  Personalized care, private sessions, and attention to detail allow for unparalleled outcomes in minimal time.  This is Recovery Lab.




The AMP Recovery Lab is your one stop shop for all things recovery and regeneration. Let's face it, as athletes, we put our bodies under tremendous demands in the weight room, at practice, and in the game. Much like any other well-oiled machine, we are all bound to experience some breakdowns and short circuits from time to time. Athletic injuries are no joke, and effective injury management is crucial to all successful athletes and teams.  With the AMP Recovery Lab in your corner, together we can unlock your athletic potential through targeted injury prevention, evaluation, and Reconditioning.  Stay in the game and off the disabled list with an AMP Recovery Lab PRO package.

How it works

All AMP athletes undergo a thorough evaluation process to identify and correct faulty movement patterns before they present as injury.  Utilizing information gathered from the evaluation, an AMP Recovery Lab ATC will work with your Performance Coach to create a unique and systematic plan to address your injury and performance concerns, and get you back in the game quickly, safely, and better than ever.   Our mantra is to be proactive regarding athletic injuries, not reactive, after all, it is far better to maintain the machine then wait for it to breakdown. 

The AMP Recovery Lab is an Athletic Training Room evolved.  Armed with powerful and modern technology and techniques, our rehab philosophies are based in current science, not tired old traditions that offer little to today’s athlete.  The foundation of the Recovery Lab is our use of targeted manual therapies, that when combined with the appropriate corrective exercise and training, provide unparalleled results to our athletes.