Injury Reconditioning with the AMP Recovery Lab

At AMP, we understand that the demands of sport are far more than that of everyday living.  Unfortunately for injured athletes, standard physical therapy services offered through insurance companies are limited to returning patients to "Activities of Daily Living," often leading to results that are exactly that...Limited.

After a thorough, full body evaluation, our goal is to find the linchpin in your movement mechanics that ultimately leads to or causes your pain and/or injuries.  By identifying the source, we can create a systematic plan that addresses your unique case, and eliminate the cause, rather than just treating the symptoms. 

With a potent combination of the latest recovery technology, expert manual therapists, and our cutting edge performance training staff, AMP can take you the rest of the way and beyond, helping you achieve a level of performance that outshines your pre-injury level.  Leave grandma at Rehab, and step into the AMP realm and Recondition Like An Athlete.

With a wide variety of Recovery Lab Packages and options, it is easy to be treated with the same high quality care as a professional athlete!

Many of our athletes:

  • Come to AMP after insurance paid Physical Therapy ceases, and we can pick up where you left off and begin to arm you with a sustainable Return to Competition plan.
  • Work with both the AMP Recovery Lab and their PT clinic, receiving daily treatment and supervision from multiple professionals usually yields the best results.  Elite and Pro athletes don't just rehab 2-3 times per week...They recondition EVERY DAY!  AMP can help fill in the gaps in your insurance paid PT sessions, and offer high quality manual therapy services.
  • Most of our Athletes come to the Recovery Lab first! Getting evaluated regularly is a key component to an overall injury prevention program.  Don't wait until the wheels fall off!  Get evaluated and get on a plan today!